Go solar in 3 easy steps

Step 1: Evaluation

Every roof and every location is different. We send out a professional to assess your energy needs, your roof, and especially the roof structure to evaluate your home's suitability for solar. This ensures we have all the facts BEFORE we quote and design your system, and it gives you peace of mind knowing you'll get a solar system tailor-made to your roof and your needs. Contact us to set up a free consultation and site evaluation.

Step 2: Preparation

Success is in the details - and that's where the SolarCrew's experience and expertise step in to take the load of your shoulders. Our experienced Crews will guide you through the application and approval process with the Ontario Power Authority (OPA) and with your Local Distribution Company (LDC). We'll fill out all the forms for you and even help you apply for available government programs. If you want, we'll also hook you up with financing through our FinanceCrew. Book your free assessment.

Step 3: Installation

SolarCrew coordinates the rooftop installation and the electrical connection with local installation experts. Every installer who works for you is experienced, highly skilled, licensed and back checked, so you can be confident in their quality workmanship. Our Crew of experts will complete all project documentation and work with the safety authorities to obtain permits for final connection to the grid. Put the plan into action, contact SolarCrew today.

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solar panels:
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*yearly payback in optimum situation

SolarCrew Way


Preparation: Paperwork & Permits

  • SolarCrew guides you through the application process and takes care of completing all forms for you
  • Set up financing with our FinanceCrew.

Installation & Connection

  • Local experienced installation experts
  • Final System Certification to SolarCrew's high quality standards
  • SolarCrew experts will complete all project documentation and work with authorities through inspections to final connection

Receive payment from LDC for energy generated!

Conventional Method


  • Find a solar installer
  • Find an electrician
  • Find a financing partner
  • Arrange for site visits of installer and electrician

Preparation: Paperwork & Permits

  • Fill out application for Ontario Power Authority (OPA)
  • OPA offer pending Local Distribution Company (LDC) approval
  • Fill out application to LDC
  • Connection Approval from OPA pending CDNC

Installation & Connection

Solar panel

  • Local Roof Contractor(s) installs roof mounted racking system
  • Install modules on racking and connect
  • Bonding and grounding of modules
  • Trenching and inverter installation


  • Schedule Electrical Contractor to perform connection to electricity Grid
  • Schedule inspection by Electrical Safety Authority (ESA)


  • ESA approval
  • LDC release
  • Connection and OPA release
  • Receiving the OPA contract

Receive payment from LDC for energy generated!